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Evelyn Guggisberg letter: Will our land of the free survive?

A sign I saw recently via text, said, "Make America Kind." The vitriol of this

campaign probably has a lot of people wishing for that.

A lot of things come to mind, including the contents of a pamphlet which reveals a personal story of the Holocaust. After a pro-life activist finished her speech she was approached by an old German man weeping, who proceeded to tell her about his experience as a little boy growing up in Germany during the Holocaust. He recalled sitting in church while the trains carrying the Jews to the death camps were screeching by with Jews crying for help and we Christians just singing a little louder, trying to distance ourselves from the reality of what was happening.

Now the Holocaust is here. It is happening all over again in America with abortion.

I read on the internet that the biggest murderer in the history of the world was Mao Tse Tung, having killed 45 million. Since Roe v. Wade, our "kind" America has murdered 58 million innocent pre-born babies.

The old German man said our response is the same as it was in his country: Silence. Actually I believe it is worse than that. People who do speak out are condemned for it. They are accused of being haters and "unkind."

When I was a young gal growing up, I remember a door-to-door salesman talking to my parents about the issues (the worst then being the threat of communism). That salesman must have been a prophet of sorts because he said, "Our country will be gotten from within."

There have been a lot of crucial elections since 1964. It seems there are still too few people who are truly aware of how critical this one is and how much is at stake, even religious leaders. The real question is: Can America survive as the land of the free or will our enthrallment with the idea of a first woman president or past irrelevance sidetrack us into blindness of the real issues?

Evelyn Guggisberg