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Phil Drietz letter: Reasons for "nothing else" for women?

The Nov 12, 'Male behavior and respect for women' author, Dennis Torgerson, complains about males who are abusive to women. He asked a woman: "Why do you tolerate this kind of behavior from these apes?" She replied, "Because there is nothing else."

I think that the "nothing else" problem is going to be even more acute in the future. The last decade has seen major problems with streaming internet sexual content, i.e. U.S. Navy doctors did a study noting the increase in male adults under 40 becoming incapable of having sex with women.

Prior to 2007 the problem had been about 2 to 5 percent and is now around 30 percent. We now have adolescents and teens getting addicted to the porn they can carry with them for any-time, any-place viewing via smartphone. This is not a good forecast for the future of family life when young guys are getting their brain reprogrammed to the point where they cannot relate to women.

Another factor compounding this "nothing else" problem is the almost doubling of the suicide rate among adolescents since 2007 — (most of them boys). It is now just as likely for middle school students to die from suicide as from traffic accidents. The country's rapidly changing culture, especially social networking means that entire schools can witness someone's shame, instead of a small clique as it was in previous generations. And with constant access to such networks, those pressures don't just stop when a child comes home in the afternoon.

Look at the protests going on because their choice for president lost. It's another manifestation of the "nothing else" young women can look forward to in trying to find a mate. Barring a "Fatima-like" miracle, I am somewhat confident that violence, sexual abuse and all the other vulgarities that have been rising over the last five decades will continue in the next decades, thereby increasing the numbers of "nothing else" males.

Phil Drietz