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Letter: Are Hollywood, NRA working together?

An ad for the new crime movie "Live by Night" has played on my TV this week. The film clips in the commercial for this latest affliction from Ben Affleck featured guns in six scene excerpts, plus a fiery explosion.

So I wonder, has the time come for an investigation of the nexus among Hollywood, the NRA and the gun industry, which seem to be working together to instill fear in American movie-goers? It's quite the scam — getting film fans to pay for promoting the fear that drives gun sales, profits and death in American homes and on our streets.

Years ago I felt nervous walking through unfamiliar big city streets when I attended trade meetings and conventions. Then I realized that my fear came from crime shows and movies, so I stopped watching them.

Despite never having owned a gun, I've felt much safer and at peace ever since, no matter where I've been. Don't buy into the fear, America!

Steve R. Marquardt

Lake Lillian