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Letter: Constituents still need broadband

Thank you to Kandiyohi County Board members Roger Imdieke and Rollie Nissen (West Central Tribune, Dec. 30) for trying to help Rep. Dave Baker understand that the people in his district are in desperate need of improvement in broadband expansion.

His votes to give $2 million to Annandale for broadband funding (May 18, 2015), $35,000 to Delano for a July Fourth parade, and $500,000 to Eden Prairie schools for college readiness (May 22, 2016) are still a mystery in their logic.

How is it that his constituents were ignored and completely left out of our equally (or more) needed funding for similar projects? Hopefully our County Board members' message to Rep. Baker will help him remember his constituents in Kandiyohi County are trying to communicate, work, and learn with broadband totally lacking in needed quality.

I'm sure $2 million helped Annandale residents realize improved broadband, but wonder if they were not already experiencing broadband service better than we, his supposed constituents, are still experiencing.

Becky West

New London