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Letter: With gender, it's now 'anything goes'

Just finished going through the January issue of National Geographic, devoted to the exploration of gender.

Some people are now telling us there are over 50 genders. They use terms like "gender fluidity" where your gender waffles back and forth between male and female, along with many other terms that defy reality and push the envelope for mass confusion.

Nowhere did they give equal time to people who get help and recover from these disorders; nor that the American College of Pediatricians says conditioning children into believing that using chemical and surgical methods for impersonation of the opposite sex is normal, is essentially child abuse. No mention of going to the "Designer of Life", but it did mention that we have behavioral tendencies programmed by millions of years of evolution.

Evolution: the big escape from reality. For the last six years I have received over 200 issues from four different science publications; nowhere did I find a good defense of macro-evolution. I've written many letters challenging people to defend macro-evolution; they cannot do it.

Evolution is really stupid, yet very intelligent people embrace it. So why is it still a pervasive teaching in science when it is so obvious that the vast array of "molecular machinery" we call "life" was designed by a superior intelligence?

Simple: It allows them to escape reality. Admitting an Intelligent Designer means your thoughts are being monitored and recorded 24-7 and that makes people real uneasy about being accountable for everything we think, say and do.

For some, it's just more comfortable living the fairytale existence. So if scientists behave that way, is it any wonder the general population increasingly prefers a fantasy life of pretending to be someone of the opposite sex, or of no sex, or of some kind animal? That's right, we now have advanced from "trans-gender" to "trans-species" (people with species identity disorder).

People who don't go along with these fantasies are usually labeled "homophobe", "transphobe" and now I suppose "species-phobe". What next? Maybe "trans-plant', "trans-metal" and so on. Anything goes when reality checks have become a thing of the past.

Phil Drietz