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Letter: Urdahl is a champion for education

I'm writing in response to a recent letter to the editor that said, " Urdahl has failed us." I know Rep. Dean Urdahl and have worked with him very closely on issues regarding education.

I know for a fact that Rep. Urdahl works very hard for the people of his district. To say that Rep. Urdahl has "failed us" standing up for education is far from the truth. By abstaining, Rep. Urdahl took a position that was in opposition to the caucus and his party.

Rep. Urdahl is an advocate for public schools and for our students' education. He works tirelessly to promote education in our state and would never play "party politics" with the education of our students.

As a teacher, I have seen firsthand the commitment and dedication to our students and public schools by Rep. Urdahl. I am currently working on a bill with Rep. Urdahl to promote the education for at-risk students, ensuring these students have the opportunity to continue their education and succeed in the classroom.

Rep. Urdahl is a champion for education. He will fight to ensure that all students and our schools are represented in the Legislature. We are fortunate that we have him as our representative in St. Paul.

As an educator, I stand with Rep. Urdahl, I support Rep. Urdahl in his efforts and I will continue working with him making our schools great and building on the opportunities for our students to get the best quality education. Thank you for standing up for education, Rep. Urdahl.

Darrin Anderson