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Letter: Playground is a community accomplishment

I would like to thank the Willmar community for their tremendous response to help complete the Willmar Destination Playground build at Robbins Island.

A little over a year ago, a small group of people gathered with a dream of building an exceptional, over-the-top amazing playground. After a year of dreaming, fundraising, listening, planning, and organizing, followed by hours and hours of physical labor by over 1,000 volunteers, the building of the Willmar Destination Playground has been completed.

I am truly humbled by the generous outpouring of support for this wonderful community project.

I would like to personally thank Rachel Skretvedt and Kathy Schwantes for co-chairing and leading this huge project, for getting it done in style and on time. The endless hours they put in to assure that every little detail was taken care of are immeasurable. Thanks.

Additionally, I would like to put a huge thank-you out to the build captains and steering committee members for using their expertise, leadership and dedication to be ambassadors and guide the process of using volunteers to complete a job that requires many, many specific skill sets. These people were amazing.

Our funding was accomplished through the work of the Willmar Area Community Fund. They established and oversaw the process to not only finance the project but set up a fund to continue the development of Robbins Island with possible future projects.

Our local businesses were so important in making this project happen. Many employers sent large groups of their employees to help build the park. Many local churches also rallied and organized their parishioners to send us more labor. Local businesses and churches also loaned tools, donated food and gave financial support to the project. Thank you!

It is impossible to name the many individuals, groups and businesses who were part of this but you know who you are. I have to give a special thanks to Marcus Construction for their endless assistance with this build, I don't know if we could have done it without them.

Citizens of Willmar and surrounding communities, our new playground is built, thanks to you.

It will take three weeks to get the rubber surface applied and cured before we can start using the playground. We are planning to open the playground on Saturday, June 24, during Willmar Fest.

Willmar and all those others who helped with this huge project, I salute you for a job well done.

Marv Calvin

Willmar Mayor