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Letter: Willmar has many great assets

All my life I have driven through Willmar on the way up north or other destinations but never once did it occur to me that I would live here in Willmar.

I have now lived here for the past almost two years and it has been an amazing experience. Willmar is a great town and is underappreciated. There are so many great things about Willmar including the parks—Robbins Island, neighborhood parks and the park by the Stingers stadium; unique coffee shops, each with their own vibe; the Hispanic bakery downtown; great little shops such as Darling Clementine; a strong arts community such as local theater and art shows; and the farmers market at the YMCA on Saturdays.

Willmar is incredibly diverse and I know that it is not always appreciated but it will be the diversity that makes Willmar stronger. People here are kind and caring and have been very supportive and welcoming to me and still reflect strong personal and family values.

Kids are still kids and the outdoors is the favorite place of many. I have truly loved my time in Willmar and it makes me so sad to leave. I encourage all people to take advantage of the great things available in Willmar to keep it the strong city it is.

Darla Miles