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Letter: A sign of Trump totaltarianism

During the past months of campaigning we heard about the second amendment rights many times. It seems that our present administration is not aware of, however the first amendment. President Trump had a habit of requiring reporters to be in a specific area where he directed his follower's attention. In some cases the secret service actually had to escort the reporters for fear of attack by some of his fans. Candidate Trump continually spoke about false news and encouraged his supporters to attack reporters. He promised that he would pay any court expenses.

One of the first signs according to Hannah Arendt, the author of Origins of Totalitarianism, is to cause people to mistrust the press. It was "The lugenpress", or the lying press which was one the early steps leading to Nazi regime

Justice Brandeis long ago said, "Men feared witches; they burned women. It is a function of the free press to free them from irrational fears." We do have the free press in America, but when a reporter from the Guardian asked the candidate in Montana a question about health, the candidate put his hands around the reporter's neck, picked him up and threw him to the floor. The reporter's glasses were broken, and his elbow was hurt. Successful republican candidate from Montana was charged and convicted of assault. He is now a member of the House. A simple question caused an assault?

President Trump's last press conference was in February. His Representative Sean Spicer has had eight days of press briefings with no video and answers of the "President speaks for himself."

In a time of critical situations in North Korea and close encounters with Russian forces in Syria and other hotspots throughout the world, it is vital that the American people should be informed of the president's intentions.

Barbara M. Edwards