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Letter: Angry white men built this nation

I rarely respond to a critique of one of my letters because I too enjoy them. They don't happen often but in this instance I resent the unjust hammer blows given to me by a reader.

I did not write the letter headline, "Real Americans must come first." I said " All Americans regardless of race, color or creed."

That headlineg was done by the paper and I have no control over anything they choose to write.

I am well aware of the atrocities performed by our government regarding the American Indian. Promises were made but not kept and cruel efforts were used to detach them from their culture. They are a prime example that assimilation does not work.

And haven't we done a wonderful job with the black community or Asians or anyone we look on as different.

We see a clustering with kind, which is natural, but leads to misunderstanding and confusion. Some cultures will never assimilate because we are poles apart.

Above all do not forget, Native Americans did not build this country nor anyone else. It was angry white men willing to sacrifice everything including their lives for this new concept called freedom where no king, dictator or whomever else could tell us what to do other than God himself and his instructions were written down and easily followed.

We might have a dirty face but we have given more to the world, saved more lives, and aided and rebuilt more countries, including Germany, than any other country in the world and I will stand by my America till the day I die.

Furthermore, your slur that 42 per cent of Americans are racist, I think, is an understatement because it would be more accurate to say that all cultures, and I mean all cultures, are closer to 99 per cent. This is always based on the suspicion of the unknown, not color or anything else.

You make us the bullies of the world but every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to live here. Hmmm, isn't that a puzzlement?

Patricia Carter Harding