Letter: Different style, different message


On June 23, a letter to the editor from Gary Manzer was about as heartwarming an opinion about his community, Willmar, as you could hope to read. I urge your readers to look it up, if you missed it.

A month later, on July 24, the opposite kind of letter to the editor appeared, giving a heartbreaking opinion about that writer's community, Willmar.

Now I am writing a letter to the editor to take issue with the paragraph from the latter, in which the writer wrote about our leading corporation, Jennie-O, and the Willmar City Council.

Jennie-O is a great corporation and provides a tremendous service to Willmar. This company has employed hundreds of people in town, with better incomes, over more than 60 years.

In addition to their community contributions and support, which are often reported in this paper, it contributes greatly to the economy of Willmar.

Health insurance was added to the employee benefits in the early 1970s, and investment opportunities and retirement benefits were added as the corporation grew. These are assets to be grateful for and proud of, and I for one am grateful that Jennie-O is still here, providing all races with equal opportunities, according to their abilities.

Our past/present dedicated, elected City Council and mayor are equally hard working people. For many generations, inspired men and women have stepped forward and volunteered their hours and ideas to make Willmar a better community.

This statement does not mean Jennie-O and Willmar are perfect. However, both of these organizations are employing/working for the betterment of all people working/living here. Without either one or both, Willmar would be a much poorer community in spirit, faith, employment and good will.

I was once an active volunteer in Willmar's life, and am grateful I had the opportunities. It broadened my life, my family's life and made me appreciate even more all that is done here voluntarily by the few, for the benefit of the many.

It's never too late to volunteer for Willmar.

Mary Lou Arne