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Letter: Let broadband project die

The news of the death of the broadband project in Kandiyohi County has no doubt been received with disappointment by some.

A lot of effort was put into promoting the subsidized project. I understand that county officials have vowed to continue to promote this program. Several of these individuals I have known personally for some years and have great respect for. But on this issue I disagree with them and urge them to let this project die for two reasons.

The first is one of economics. The failure is proof that this service is not viewed as needed by those that were potential recipients of the subsidized service. Not even when government was willing to put $10 million of taxpayer money into the program through $5 million in grants and $5 million in bonds could it generate 810 people to sign up and commit.

This was taxpayer commitment of $12,000 per customer and the potential customers were not willing to put in 25 bucks. Obviously even those that had the most to gain do not value the service delivered.

The second reason is the more important one and is philosophical.

Government should not have a right to forcibly take money from people that do not want broadband or already have broadband and then deliver it to a select few that happen to be deemed "needy" for lack of this service.

This country was founded on the principle that all of us possess inalienable rights and "to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men." Nowhere do the founding documents promote that one person's desires are to be provided by government at the forced expense of another.

Our government is here to secure our liberty to purchase broadband if we decide it will add to our lives and lead to our happiness. It is not here to provide some with broadband at the expense of others. Indeed our government is not here to provide us with anything. It is here to secure our rights so we can provide for ourselves.

Loren J. Corle