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Letter: Instilling safe driving habits

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On Aug. 26 at approximately 2:30 p.m. a young driver attempted to make a left turn south on Lakeland Drive from Willmar Avenue.

He hit my daughter's SUV almost head on, totaling her vehicle.

My daughter suffered a broken right arm and bruising. My 3½-year-old granddaughter's safety seat spared her any injury. Thank God!

My wife, Nancy, was airlifted from Rice Hospital to St. Cloud Hospital. She suffered five fractured vertebrae, eight broken ribs, a punctured lung and lacerated spleen that had to be removed.

She had two surgeries and suffered intense pain. I brought her home Sept. 10. She is still facing three months of recovery.

All of this could have been avoided if a young driver had been paying attention to driving his pickup. Instead he turned it into a lethal weapon.

To all parents of young drivers, please talk to them about safe and responsible driving habits.

Ron Stebbins