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Golf: Bernhagen collects 7th Valley Golf Course title

WILLMAR — Jenna Bernhagen won her seventh Valley Golf Course title Saturday and Tom Graves won the men’s club title Sunday afternoon.

Bill Iverson was crowned the Seniors champ on Friday and was runner-up to Graves in the men’s championship field, finishing three shots off the winning tally of 182.

Dave Graves, Tom’s father, was the men’s presidential flight winner, while Matt Leppala was the first flight champ and Rick Schueller the second flight champ.

Bernhagen claimed the women’s title by seven shots over runner-up Lorna Bahl. Rose Pederson was the women’s presidential champ.

Iverson cruised to the seniors title, winning by nine shots, and flight winners were Jerry VanDenEinde (first), Bob VanDenEinde (second) and Dwayne Power (third).

Men’s Championship

(1) Tom Graves 37-35-34-35-41-182 (2) Bill Iverson 39-36-34-38-38-185 (3) Dan Graves 35-32-42-42-39-190 (4) Josh Bernhagen 35-38-36-45-39-193

Men’s Flights

President: (1) Dave Graves 35-39-35-109 (2) Jason Mayer 38-37-36-111 (3) Jeff Nagel 36-39-40-115 (4) Rodney Johnson 37-38-41-116 … First: (1) Matt Leppala (2) Jerry VanDenEinde (3) Corky Beck (consolation champion) Paul Follman … Second: (1) Rick Schueller (2) Jon Pillatski (3) Bob VanDenEinde (consolation champion) Dean Swanson

Women’s Championship

(1) Jenna Bernhagen 44-40-84 (2) Lorna Bahl 45-46-91 (3) Sue Minnehan 49-42-91

Women’s Flights

President: (1) Rose Pederson 49-50-99 (2) Karen Samuelson 55-44-99 (3) Lisa Stephens 55-46-101 (4) Carol Tatge 49-52-101

Seniors Championship

(1) Bill Iverson 35-37-36-108 (2) Dave Helfinstine 40-38-39-117 (3) Rick Hess 38-40-42-120 (4) Brian Gislason 37-45-41-123

Seniors Flights

First: (1) Jerry VanDenEinde (2) Loren Luschen (3) Lynn Rahn (consolation champion) Corky Beck … Second: (1) Bob VanDenEinde (2) Dick Halstrom (3) Bill Severtson (consolation champion) Don VandenEinde … Third: (1) Dwayne Power (2) Merv Ellwood (3) Herb Stowater (consolation champion) Duane Lindgren