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Ridgewater Theatre presents 'The Head That Wouldn't Die'

Ridgewater College will present "The Head That Wouldn't Die" Wednesday to Saturday.

Ridgewater College presents "The Head That Wouldn't Die" at 7:30 p.m. today through Saturday at the Willmar campus theater.

The play by Rand Higbee is a spoof of 1950s B sci-fi and horror films, complete with werewolves, robots, aliens and disembodied heads.

Whitney Fugleberg plays Janice Arden, a young scientist and medical doctor-to-be, and her dimwitted and loveable best friend Penny Taylor is played by Kelsey Moe. They must save Penny's boyfriend, Glen Logan, played by Jordan Dettman, after accidentally shooting him through the heart three times.

They remove Glen's head and, through a miracle of science, keep it alive in their television cabinet while they search for a new body to replace his old one. Meanwhile, the community is in complete terror of a "madman" who has been killing and maiming people all over town.

Janice and Penny find themselves in even more of a bind when a local police officer played by Joshua Johnson becomes suspicious of Glen's whereabouts and the nosy neighbor, Flora March, played by Caitlin Martin, keeps sticking her nose into the situation.

As time quickly ticks away, Janice calls upon her nerdy friend Luke Lacombe, played by Anthony Reynolds, and his master creation, the B7, a highly sophisticated robot to be the replacement body for Glen. Shannon Malone is cast as the B7 and Kandice Gorres is the werewolf.

The stage manager is Heather Lorensen, costumes are by Kandice Gorres, and sound design is by Anthony Reynolds. Direction, technical direction, set design and lighting design are by faculty member Jayme McGhan.

General admission is $5. There is a discount for seniors and high school/college students with identification. All Ridgewater College students are admitted free with student identification. Audiences are encouraged to stay after the show today for a brief talkback session with the cast, crew, and visiting playwright of "The Head That Wouldn't Die."