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KRA opener draws 80 cars

WILLMAR -- Area racers shook off the rust and launched a new stock car season on Thursday with six classes racing at the KRA Speedway in Willmar.

Eighty cars raced in all.

Notable was the return of Modified driver Craig Christiansen of New London. He finished first in the main after a year's absence from the fairground's C,-mile oval.

Another veteran Don Eischens was a double winner in Super Stock and also won a Modified preliminary. Shane Sabraski was back in the familiar winners' circle in the Midwest Mod and Jesse Yarmon took the Mod-4 checkered.

Ryan Buer, picking up where he left off, was a double winner in Street Stock while the Hobby prize went to Ben Godbee.

Fiesta City at Montevideo opens May 15 and the Madison Speedway on May 25.

Thursday Results

HOBBY STOCK (12 cars) -- Heat winners: Josh Dragt, Willmar; Shawn Fernkes, Willmar ... Feature: (1) Ben Godbee, Pennock (2) Josh Dragt (3) Kyle Thell, Foley (4) Mike flickinger, Kandiyohi (5) Shawn Fernkes (6) Adam Olson, New London (7) Dan Lorensen, Willmar (8) Brad Fredeen, Spicer (9) Derek Noor, Sp;icer (10) Nick Simar, Willmar

MIDWEST MODIFIED (14 cars)* -- Heat winners: Shane Sabraski, Rice; Matt Weisman, South Haven ... Feature: (1) Sabraski (2) Weisman (3) Nate Barber, New London (4) Jason Hoffman, Villard (5) Dan Menk, Franklin (6) Bill Woods, Raymond (7) Peewee Kuhnau. Litchfield (8) Tyler Kimoges, Redwood Falls (9) Ryan Bratz, Litchfield (10) Pat Utsch, Roscoe

MODIFIED (15 cars)* -- Heat winners: Keith Tourville, Star Prairie, Wis.; Don Eischens, Richmond... Feature: (1) Craig Christiansen, New London, (2) Dale Mathison, Clearwater (3) Shane Sabraski, Rice (4) Joey Jensen, Forest Lake (5) Keith Tourville (6) Ryan Canon, Clearwater (7) Jason Voight, St. Cloud (8) Jason Thoennes, Garfield (9) Andrew Cordon, Elrosa 10) Danny Bayer, Elrosa (11) Don Eischesns

MOD-FOURS (17 cars)* -- Heat winners: Dean Larson, Pennock; Andy Deters, Waite Park ... Feature: (1) Jesse Yarmon, Paynesville (2) Justin Bjorklund, Renville (3) Justin Smith, Montevideo (4) Dustin Zieske, Danube, (5) Dean Larson (6) Andy Deters (7) Adam Prieve, Litchfield (8) Tyler Larson, Pennock (9) Nick Egge, Kandiyohi (10) Paul Hartman, Willmar

SUPER STOCK (9 cars)* -- Heat winners: Don Eischens, Richmond ... Feature: (1) Eischens (2) Sahwn Nolan, Annandale (3) Zach Schultz, Grove City (4) Jon Stepan, Brandon (5) Darrel Hazelton, Chippewa Falls, Wis. (^) Jeff Flaten, Hancock (7)( Brandon Larson, Litchfield (8) Gary Husman, Litchfield (9) Jason Vejtruba, Lake Lillian

STREET STOCK (13 cars)* -- Heat winners: Ryan Buer, Atwater; Cory Crapster, Eau Claire, Wis. ... Feature: (1) Ryan Buer (2) Tony Konold, Clear Lake, SD (3) Jim Williams, DeGraff (4) Justin Vogel, brroten (5) David Goulet, Sauk Rapids (6) Josh Fredeen, Spicer (7_) Jason S Thorson (8) Josh Laney, South Haven (9) Christina Wollak, St. Cloud(10) Maria Wollak, St. Cloud.

*Wissota sanctioned