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Former area standouts Carlson, Nordin play NFL prognosticators

John Carlson of the Seattle Seahawks. Associated Press1 / 2
Jake Nordin of the Detroit Lions. Submitted photo2 / 2

The odds of two high school football players growing up less than 20 minutes apart in outstate Minnesota and now currently playing tight end in the NFL are as remote as the Timberwolves winning the NBA crown this season.

John Carlson grew up in Litchfield and graduated in 2003. Jake Nordin grew up in Lake Lillian and graduated from Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City in 2002. The two have never played against one another in high school, college or the pros. Maybe some day their paths will cross.

Carlson plays for the Seattle Seahawks and Nordin is with the Detroit Lions. Carlson was a second-round draft choice of the Seahawks out of Notre Dame two years ago and has over 100 career catches. Nordin, who played for Northern Illinois, went undrafted and was cut by several NFL teams before finally getting a chance with the Lions this season. He played in each of the team's final three games this season and caught his first NFL pass three weeks ago against the Arizona Cardinals. He also caught a pass the following week against the San Francisco 49ers and had a 15-yard reception called back because of a penalty in the team's final game against the Chicago Bears last Sunday.

Neither the Seahawks or Lions made the playoffs this season so we figured we'd put the idle tight ends to work and ask each their predictions for the NFL playoffs that begin today.


AFC Wild-Card

John Carlson: Bengals over Jets, Patriots over Ravens

Jake Nordin: Bengals over Jets, Ravens over Patriots

NFC Wildcard

John Carlson: Cowboys over Eagles, Packers over Cardinals

Jake Nordin: Cowboys over Eagles, Packers over Cardinals

AFC Divisional

John Carlson: Colts over Bengals, Chargers over Patriots

Jake Nordin: Colts over Ravens, Chargers over Bengals

NFC Divisional

John Carlson: Vikings over Cowboys, Saints over Packers

Jake Nordin: Vikings over Cowboys, Saints over Packers

AFC Championship

John Carlson: Colts over Chargers

Jake Nordin: Colts over Chargers

NFC Championship

John Carlson: Saints over Vikings

Jake Nordin: Vikings over Saints

Super Bowl

John Carlson: Colts over Saints

Jake Nordin: Vikings over Colts