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Saints' Hinderks on winning team at NABA tournament

Jeremy Hinderks, one of the Cornbelt League's most outstanding players this year, extended his baseball season into early October.

The Sacred Heart Saints' pitcher/outfielder played for Minnesota Maxbat in the National Adult Baseball Association World Series in Phoenix, Ariz., from Oct. 5-9.

The Maxbats captured the championship. They went 7-0-1 playing on fields used as Major League spring training facilities. Hebrink played with and against many former professional hitters and pitchers.

The 29-year-old right-hander pitched 15 innings winning two games and batted .407 with five extra-base hits. He faced at least one pitcher, J.D. Durbin, throwing 94-95.

Durbin is a former Minnesota Twins prospect who was drafted in the second round of the 2000 MLB draft and briefly played in the majors in 2004 and 2007.

Hinderks, a Willmar chiropractor with a satellite office in his former home town of Renville, was asked to join the Minnesota team during the state tournament by Aaron Olson of the Shakopee town team. He was the lone player from the area, though his Maxbats' teammates included Sam Rothstein, formerly of St. Martin.

Hinderks has been with the Saints since 2008. Along with his high-school teammate, Ryan Hebrink, he played football and baseball for four years at Concordia College. Hinderks and his wife Jaclyn have a son Braylon, 5, and daughter Mackenna, 3.

He said he's looking forward to ordering the tournament's World Series ring.