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KRA Racing: Nelson wins Modified main

WILLMAR -- Race fans at the KRA Speedway on Thursday watched polesitter Brandon Nelson of New London win the 13-car Modified main in a field of top drivers.

Andy Gordon of Murdock was runner-up and Zach Schultz of Grove City third. Danny Bayer of Elrosa took fourth and Shane Sabraski made up the rest of an elite top five.

The Midwest Modified feature packed in 16 throttle jockeys each with winning in mind. Denis Czech of Sauk Rapids, who started in the third row outside, came away with the trophy. Brian Haben of Holloway was second, Sabraski third, Steve Beach of New London fourth and Jason Vejtruba of Atwater fifth.

KRA Speedway

Thursday at Willmar (Wissota)

HOBBY STOCK -- Feature: 1. Chris Isdal, Spicer 2. Nick Simar, Willmar (3) Mike Flickinger, Kandiyohi 4. Matt Fester, Atwater 5. Forest Foster, Pennock 6. Taylor Willms, Willmar 7. Jed Muller, Willmar 8. Kegan Ahlquist, Pennock 9. Adam Thompson, Willmar.

MIDWEST MODIFIEDS -- Feature: 1. Denis Czech, Sauk Rapids 2. Brian Haben, Holloway 3. Shane Sabraski, Rice 4. Steve Beach, New London 5. Jason Vejtruba, Atwater 6. Jason Hoffman, Villard 7. Tim Kanten, Milan 8. Ryan Schleusner, Hector 9. Shawn Fenkes, Pennock 10. Randy Laage, Brooten 11. Ryan Buer, Atwater 12. Ben Godbee, Pennock 13. Jon Olmschied, Elrosa 14. Dustin Auld, Greenfield 15. Shawn Huikko, South Haven 16. Josh Dragt, Willmar

MODIFIEDS -- Feature:1. Brandon Nelson, New London 2. Andrew Gordon, Murdock 3. Zach Schultz, Grove City 4. Danny Bayer, Elrosa 5. Shane Sabraski, Rice 6. Keith Tourville, Dairyland, Wis 7. Curtis Newberg, Willmar 8. Matt Weisman, South Haven 9. Ryan Canon, Clearwater 10. Randy Vanklompenburg, Willmar 11. Peter Loecken, Roscoe 12. Terry Hanson, Elk River 13. Jim Nystrom, Litchfield

MOD-FOURS -- Feature: 1. Jamie Flickinger, New London 2. Dean Larson, Pennock 3. Matt Halls, Big Lake 4. Dustin Zieske, Willmar 5. Tyler Larson, Pennock 6. Justin Schneider, Willmar 7. Adam Olson, Willmar 8. Stephan Walentiny, Sauk Rapids 9. Dan Lorensen, Willmar 10. Ryan Buer, Willmar

SUPER STOCK -- Feature: 1. Shane Sabraski, Rice 2. Bruce Laabs, Grove City 3. Gary Husmann, Litchfield 4. Chris Slinden, Cokato 5. Jay Hedtke, Grove City 6. Dexton Koch, Rice 7. Travis Forcier, Darwin 8. Jeff Flaten, Hancock

STREET STOCK -- Feature: 1. Keith Tourville, Dairyland Wis 2. Josh Fredeen, Willmar 3. Justin Vogel, Brooten 4. Justin Tammen, Clara City 5. Adam Prieve, Litchfield 6. Andrew Hedtke, Grove City 7. Scott Stafford, Grove City