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Girls tennis: Willmar wins 2 at Monticello

MONTICELLO -- Gabie Bierbaum played strong tennis at the top of Willmar's singles lineup and Cardinals doubles team provided the winning points in both of the team's victories at the Monticello Invitational on Saturday.

Willmar defeated Becker and Monticello, both by 4-3 margins.

Willmar 3-doubles team of Tayva Vollan and Megan Andresen won in straight sets for the deciding points against Becker. The Cardinals' 2-doubles team of Waverly Slette and Leah Ramon won 7-5, 7-5 to providing the winning point against Monticello.

Bierbaum won both her matches at 1-singles, and Maddy Oehrlein and Hanna Hansen split matches at 4-singles, with both winning their matches. Cayle Hovland also won her 2-singles match against Becker.

"Both matches were nail-biters that went down to final matches," said Cardinals head coach Jim Anderson.

Both Monticello and Becker are in Section 8AA along with the Cardinals. The two wins could come into play when section seeds are decided, Anderson said.

"Our goal was to leave Monticello with two (section) wins," he said. "This gives Willmar two bargaining chips for seeding when section play begins."

Willmar plays its next two matches at home: Sartell is in town for a 4:30 p.m. match on Tuesday; Rocori visits the WHS courts at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Willmar 4, Monticello 3


(1) Gabie Bierbaum, W, def. Alex Revenig 6-3 6-3 (2) Brooke Volpone, M, def. Cayle Hovland 6-2 6-1 (3) Grace Sawatzke, M, def. Bailey Hovland 6-2 6-1 (4) Hanna Hansen, W, def. Taylor Arthur 6-4 6-1


(1) Heather Horning/Kassy Linbo, W, def. Annie Dockendorf/Kendra Stoick 7-5 6-0 (2) Waverly Slette/Leah Ramon, W, def. Myranda Anderson/Christine Lui, W, 7-5 7-5 (3) Sidney Antony/Maria, M, def. Tayva Vollan/ Megan Andresen 5-7 7-5 10-4

Willmar 4, Becker 3


(1) Gabie Bierbaum, W, def. Olivia Hultgren 7-5 6-4 (2) Cayle Hovland, W, def. Rachel Lukkarila 7-5 6-2 (3) Katie Suckert, B, def. Bailey Hovland 6-2 6-2 (4) Maddy Oehrlein, W, def. Maddie Andreson 6-2 6-1


(1) Lauren Veldman/Lindsey Lorrete, B, 6-3 2-6 10-1 (2) Kendra Buettner/Ellie Tobalco, B, 6-7 (7-4) 7-5 10-5 (3) Tayva Vollan/Megan Andresen, W, def. Savannah Johnston/Shelby Hueber 6-1 6-2

Redwood Valley Invitational

The MACCRAY Wolverines were shorthanded due to seniors attending the funeral of a classmate's parent.

Team scores

(1) River Valley 6, MACCRAY 1

(2) Fairmont 6, MACCRAY 1

(3) Redwood Vly 7, MACCRAY 0

How Area Teams Fared



(1) Amber Wieberdink 0-2, Jenna Mersbergen 0-1 (2) Kim Trulock 0-2, Heather Marcus 0-1 (3) H. Marcus 0-1, Kelsey Jacobson 0-1, Annie Sandry 0-1 (4) Jacobson 0-2, Brianna Harguth 0-1


(1) Kayle Christenson/Mersbergen 1-0, A. Sandry/Christenson 1-0, Mersbergen/Christenson 0-1 (2) Haylee Sandry/A. Sandry 0-1, Wieberdink/Trulock 0-1, Marcus/H. Sandry 0-1 (3) Belle Brynjulfson/Courtney Hebrink 0-1, Brynjulfson/H. Sandry 0-1, Brynjulfson/Jasmine Butler 0-1