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Stinger three-season attendance near 100,000 fans

The Willmar Stingers drew 2,319 more fans in 2012 than in 2011 and 3,795 more than 2010, their initial year in the Northwoods League, according to co-owner Ryan Voz.

In 2010, the team drew 31,254 for 31 dates, an average of 1,008 per game.

In '11, games at Bill Taunton Stadium drew 32,730 for 34 dates, an average of 963 per game.

This summer, the average was 1,031 for 34 games or 35,049 total bringing three-season attendance to 99,033.

Voz notes the 967th fan through the gate next season will be the 100,000 and probably get a prize.

At, 1,031, Willmar ranked 14th in the league in attendance, just behind Green Bay (1,044).

Alexandria (847 average) and Willmar are the smallest cities in the 16-team loop.