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Super Saturday has six bowl games at Hodapp Field

The Willmar Youth Football League for fifth- and sixth-graders wraps up its 13th season with six bowl games on Super Saturday at Hodapp Field.

Additionally, the top two teams in the 14-team league No. 1 New London-Spicer White and No. 2 NLS Cats will play in the Peach Bowl at 6 p.m. in New London.

Saturday's schedule: Fiesta, Willmar Yellow vs NLS Black, 10:30 am; Cotton, BBE vs Morris Black, noon; Gator, MACCRAY vs. Willmar Purple, 1:30 pm; Rose, Willmar Red vs Green, 3 pm; Orange, Willmar Blue vs White, 4:30 pm; Sugar, NLS Gold vs Morris Orange, 6 pm.