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Boxing: Zavala, ‘Diamond Girl’ pick up wins

WADENA — Eloy Zavala, 16, got his first fight of the season at the armory on Saturday.

The Willmar 123-pounder won a tight match with Kevin Harper, his fifth win against the Wadena boxer.

Diamond Tello got in her second bout facing Samantha Lucero of Detroit Lakes at 115 pounds. Tello fought off a charge by her older opponent in Round 1 and then used her long jab to bloody Lucero’s nose and force an eight count.

Tello, a student at Willmar Middle School, landed repeated jabs in the second as Lucero rushed in again; by the third round with Tello still scoring, the referee stopped the fight and Tello went to 2-0.

Alex Duran, 14 years old, outpunched Chace Metelak of Detroit Lakes in all three rounds to win the decision giving the Willmar Golden Gloves Club a 3-0 slate against good competition.