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West Central Conference adjusts schedules

At a meeting on Wednesday, the West Central Conference activities directors adjusted some schedules to reflect the delayed start for spring sports.

Golf: Five dates starting at noon were set up for conference golf, each a “doubleheader.” In two nearby towns, as close as can be arranged, both the boys and girls will start at noon. At 4 p.m., the boys and girls will switch towns. For example, Minnewaska and Morris would be paired. Another example: on May 2 the nine boys teams will play The Crossings Golf Club in Montevideo and at 4 p.m. at the Benson Golf Club while the equal number of girls teams play those two courses in reverse order.

Baseball/Softball: Conference secretary Rick Fischer, the Sauk Centre A.D., states that schools will play each team in their own North or South Division twice, either home-and-home or doubleheaders. If a South team plays a North team the result will be considered non-conference.

Track and Field/Tennis: It was felt that no changes were needed.