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KMS takes crown again

Kevin Steinhaus, top, of Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg throws a half-nelson on Benson's Jim Huston in the 171-pound quarterfinals at the Cardinal Classic in Willmar on Friday. Steinhaus won by fall for his 199th career victory. Tribune photos by Rand Middleton1 / 3
Willmar's Alex Johannes, back, ducks under Jordan Rothers of Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg on the way to a 7-3 decision in the 112-pound semifinals on Friday. Tribune photo by Rand Middleton2 / 3
Yellow Medicine East's Casey Field, right, a state finalist last season, takes down Justin Frederick of Minnewaska Area on the way to a 10-0 major decision in the 145-pound semifinals Friday at the Cardinal Classic in Willmar. Tribune photo by Rand Middleton3 / 3

WILLMAR -- Two-time state champion Kevin Steinhaus crested 200 career wins helping Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg claim its third straight Cardinal Classic on Friday at the Willmar High Senior High School gymnasium.

Steinhaus got his 200th win in the semifinals, then beat Willmar's Cody Stegeman in the 171-pound championship match.

It's his third title here for the Fighting Saints' senior who has wrestled every varsity match since seventh grade, except six matches his sophomore year when sidelined by knee surgery.

Steinhaus hasn't lost since the state semifinals at 135-pounds his freshman year.

KMS has 10 starters back from a year ago when it lost its only match to Canby in the Section 3A final, including Brad Kneisl who was not in the line-up since he is still trimming weight from football.

Minnewaska was the runner-up, Benson third, Yellow Medicine East fourth and Willmar fifth.

The host team had one champion, Adam Fagerstrom at 130 pounds. He also won last year, at 125.

Besides Steinhaus, KMS repeat champions were Kurt Timmons and Joel Bauman and Mitch Hagen.

Austen Cole of YME won at 125, his third Cardinal Classic title.

Collin Jergenson of Minnewaska also repeated as did YME's Casey Field, a two-time state runner-up. Field beat Benson's Ryan Thompson 9-5 in the 145 final. Thompson won at 140 a year ago.

Team Scoring

(1) Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg 205 (2) Minnewaska 178½ (3) Benson 171 (4) Yellow Medicine East 163 (5) Willmar 133 (6) Eden Valley-Watkins 113 (7) Sauk Centre 106½

103 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Morgan Staton, Ben, maj dec Patrick Weaver, Minn, 12-0

SEMIFINALS: Kurt Timmons, KMS, pin Josh Meyer, SC, :16 ... Evan Knutson, YME, pin Staton 3:04

CONSOLATION: Meyer dec Weaver 4-3 ... Fifth Place: Weaver wins by default ... Third Place: Staton pin Meyer 2:13

CHAMPIONSHIP: Timmons dec Knudson 5-1 OT

112 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Tyler Merritt, YME, majdec Seth Pillatzki, Ben, 8-0

SEMIFINALS: Gage Sachs, Minn, pin Merritt 1:19 ... Alex Johannes, Wil, dec Jordan Rothers, KMS, 7-3

CONSOLATION: Rothers pin Seth Pillatzki 1:25 ... Fifth Place: Pillatzki wins by default ... Third Place: Rothers pin Merritt 2:46

CHAMPIONSHIP: Sachs dec Johannes 6-5

119 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Dylan Hoffman, YME, majdec Shaun Mattsen, EVW, 9-0 ... Tyler Carlson, KMS, pin Matt Plumhoff, Ben, 3:23 ... Jacob Braaten, Minn, dec Seth Pollack, Wil, 6-1

SEMIFINALS: Hoffman dec Carlson 2-0 ... shane Trattles, SC, pin Braaten 1:20

CONSOLATION: Braaten def Mattsen inj. default ... Carlson maj dec Pollack 10-2 ... Fifth Place: Pollack won by default ... Third Place: Braaten dec Carlson 8-5

CHAMPIONSHIP: Hoffman dec Trattles 6-1

125 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Jeron Faber, EVW, pin Zach Morris, Wil, :57 ... Grant Winter, Minn, pin Colton Haskamnp, SC, 1:45 ... Klinton VanHeuveln, KMS, pin Josh Frentzel, Ben, 3:22

SEMIFINALS: Austen Cole, YME, pin Faber 5:06 ... VanHeuveln dec Winter 9-7

CONSOLATION: Winter maj dec Morris 10-2 ... Faber dec Frentzel 9-7 ... Fifth Place: Frentzel pin Morris :50 ... Third Place: Winter dec Faber 7-3

CHAMPIONSHIP: Cole maj dec Van Heuveln 13-2

130 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Jacob Forvier, EVW, pin Zach Steffenson, Minn, 3:20 ... Jesse Lundebrek, Ben, techfall Justin Cole, SC, 6:00 ... Adam Fagerstrom, Wil, dec Stuart Johnson, KMS, 8-1

SEMIFINALS: Forcier techfall Lundebrek 3:10 ... Fagerstrom dec Levi Specht, YME, 7-0

CONSOLATION: Specht dec Steffenson 3-1 ... Lundebrek dec Johnson ... Fifth Place: Steffenson dec Johnson 8-6 ... Third Place: Specht pin Lundebrek 3:39

CHAMPIONSHIP: Fagerstrom dec Forcier 2-0

135 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: David Tweten, Ben, majdec Mason Pomerleau, Wil, 15-6 ... Ethan Ator, YME, dec Joey Paulson, KMS, 4-2 (ot) ... Chase Huebert, SC, pin Justin Roggen, Minn, 2:20

SEMIFINALS: Jeff Dockendorf, EVW, techfall Tweten 5:55 ... Huebert dec Ator 8-3

CONSOLATION: Pomerleau dec Ator 9-4 ... Tweeten pin Paulson 2:00 ... Fifth Place: Ator dec Paulson 3-0 ... Third Place: Tweeten maj dec Pomerleau 16-4

CHAMPIONSHIP: Dockendorf maj dec Huebert 8-3

140 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Coty Milhausen, Wil, dec Mike Downhem, EVW, 9-4 ... Lucian Grow, SC, techfall Aaron Doraska, KMS, 4:50 ... Cam Schafer, Minn, dec Dustin Baker, YME, 10-4

SEMIFINALS: Brett Hoffman, Ben, techfall Milhausen 5:40 ... Grow dec Shafer 9-2

CONSOLATION: Sschaffer tcfl Downhem 4:30 ... Baker dec Milhausen 4-2 ... Fifth Place: Milhausen maj dec Downhem 10-2 ... Third Place: Schaffer maj dec Baker 12-1

CHAMPIONSHIP: Hoffman pin Grow 3:31

145 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Justin Frederick, Minn, dec Trevor Mahlum, KMS, 7-1 ... Mike Sullivan, EVW, majdec Tyler Anderson, Wil, 9-0 ... Ryan Thompson, Ben, pin Dan Karsch, SC, :50

SEMIFINALS: Casey Field, YME, majdec Frederick 10-0 ... Thompson maj dec Sullivan 12-3

CONSOLATION: Sullivan dec Mahlum 1-0 ... Frederick pin Anderson 4:55 ... Fifth Place: Mahlum maj dec Anderson 9-0 ... Third Place: Frederick maj dec Sullivan 15-7

CHAMPIONSHIP: Field dec Thompson 9-2

152 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Brandon Hanson, Ben, majdec Kellen Weyer, SC, 8-0 ... Euegen Stepan, Wil, dec Steve Jahnke, YME, 12-8

SEMIFINALS: Jacob Engler, KMS, pin Hanson :45 ... Anderson Claire, Minn, pin Stepan 1:44

CONSOLATION: Stepan dec Weyer 8-1 ... Jahnke pin Hanson 2:03 ... Fifth Place: Hanson maj dec Weyer 12-1 ... Third Place: Stepan dec Jahnke 10-7

CHAMPIONSHIP: Engler dec Clare 10-4

160 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Collin Jergenson, Minn, won be default over Mason Hegna, YME ... Brady Wersinger, Ben, dec Tyler Magedanz, EVW, 7-6 ... Nathaniel Swoyer, Wil, majdec Nathan Walter, SC, 11-1

SEMIFINALS: Jergenson pin Wersinger :54 ... Aaron Zimmer, KMS, dec Swoyer 7-3

CONSOLATION: Swoyer dec Hegna 6-3 ... Wersinger dec Walter 6-0 ... Fifth Place: Hegna pin Walter 2:22 ... Third Place: Wersinger dec Swoyer 11-7

CHAMPIONSHIP: Jergenson dec Zimmer 5-4 (ot)

171 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Kevin Steinhaus, KMS, pin Jim Huston, Ben, 3:02 ... Derek Dyrdahl, YME, pin Brandon Walz, EVW, 3:23 ... Cody Stegeman, Wil, pin Will Netwal, Minn, 1:37

SEMIFINALS: Steinhaus pin Dyrdahl 4:52 ... John Gusewlle, SC, dec Stegeman 6-2

CONSOLATION: Stegeman pin Walz 2:41 ... Dyrdahl pin Netwal 2:08 ... Fifth Place: Walz pin Netwal 2:44 ... Third Place: Stegeman pin Dyrdahl 3:59

CHAMPIONSHIP: Steinhaus maj dec Gusewelle 13-5

189 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Justin Golden, Ben, dec Lucas Kremer, Wil, 9-6 ... Jacob Asfeld, EVW, pin Tyler Waither, SC, 2:35 ... Brandon Manderscheid, Minn, pin Tyler Koepke, YME, :30

SEMIFINALS: Joel Bauman, KMS, pin Golden 3:46 ... Manderscheid majdec Asfeld 12-3

CONSOLATION: Asfeld pin Kremer 3:31 ... Golden pin Walther 2:50 ... Fifth Place: Kremer pin Walther 1:27 ... Third Place: Golden dec Asfeld 3-0

CHAMPIONSHIP: Bauman dec Manderscheid 5-2

215 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Joe Holdvogt, EVW, pin Cody Sander, YME, 1:05 ... David Cowen, Minn, pin Jacob Achen, SC, 3:20

SEMIFINALS: Mitch Hagen, KMS, dec Holdvogt 11-8 .. Chris Carruth, Ben, dec Cowen 6-1

CONSOLATION: Sander dec Cowen 5-4 ... Holdvogt maj dec Achen 10-1 ... Fifth Place: Cowen pin Achen 1:59 ... Third Place: Holdvogt dec Sander 5-1

CHAMPIONSHIP: Hagen dec Carruth 7-3

285 Pounds

QUARTERFINALS: Joe Wetterling, Wil, pin Blaine Meirhofer, EVW, 3:45 ... Aaron Helgeson, SC, pin Micah Klemme, Minn, 3:08 ... Dalton Staton, Ben, pin Tim Savig, YME, 1:00

SEMIFINALS: Adam Wentzel, KMS, pin Wetterling :30 ... Staton dec Helgeson 3-2

CONSOLATION: Helgeson pin Meirhofer 4:08 ... Wetterling pin Klemme 1:52 ... Fifth Place: Klemme pin Meirhofer :38 ... Third Place: Wetterling dec Helgeson 4-3

CHAMPIONSHIP: Staton dec Wentzel 12-6 (ot)