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Rock outcrops subject for presentation

REDWOOD FALLS -- Tom Kalahar, Renville County Soil and Water Conservation District, and Ron Bolduan, Minnesota River photographer, will lead a discussion and photo tour of the unique granite outcrops found in the Minnesota River Valley.

Their presentation will be held at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 29 at the Redwood Falls Library.

Kalahar developed a program that offers easements to landowners to help protect rock outcrops. Bolduan has devoted himself to capturing the beauty of the river valley on film, and has led wildlife programs to help people discover the natural wonders of the valley area.

Kalahar has emphasized the importance of protecting the rock outcrops as one of the river valley's most valuable treasures. "We have lost over 95 percent of the wetlands and over 99 percent of the native prairie in the area; the same will be true of rock outcrops if steps aren't taken today,'' he said.