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MDHA moves on with plan for chapter in Kandiyohi County

WILLMAR -- A chapter organizational meeting in March went well enough for the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association that the group will hold another meeting May 1 at the Kandi Entertainment Center.

"We had a decent turn out with interest to move forward. It was kind of interesting, some of the members from ten years ago and young guys. What is important to the different age groups is what I found interesting," said Joe Cannella, MDHA Development Director. "The younger guys all hunt close to home, the older guys have camps up north and hardly ever hunt around home. As a result the younger guys have more connection and concerns that reflect the region."

The meeting will start at 6:30 p.m. and will be the precursor to starting an MDHA chapter.

"The next step will be to evaluate the level of interest and attempt to form a chapter," Cannella said. "We will be discussing hosting a small fundraiser with the sole intent of recruiting a chapter. That will be the focus of this meeting."

A presentation by Dr. Marrett Grund, Farmland Deer Project Leader for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, will discuss management techniques that private landowners can use to address the deer population on their land.

He will cover biological issues related to management techniques, where/what/how much/and when to plant food plots, options for managing forests and different harvest management strategies that could be used by private landowners.

Marrett has been involved in a broad range of deer management issues such as evaluating and implementing new hunting regulations with the intention of improving deer management, developing programs and policies to address disease issues, working in the urban deer arena and managing issues related to anti-hunting and contraception and has interacted with thousands of deer hunters in Minnesota and other states throughout the country.

He is a native of southern Minnesota and has worked for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources since 2004. Prior to 2004, Marrett worked for the Pennsylvania Game Commission and Southern Illinois University, where his research work focused on white-tailed deer as well.

For more information, contact Joe Cannella, MDHA Development Director, at 218-327-1103 ext. 14.