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His signature work is a winner

Ulrich crafted this blue dragon fly with the appetite of largemouth bass in mind.

RENVILLE -- Dennis Ulrich is far too humble to call attention to the flies he's tied, but there is no doubt they stand their own with the best.

Last winter he submitted one of his signature flies -- a pheasant tail nymph -- to an on-line fly tying contest.

It's the first time he had ever submitted one of his flies in a contest. He said he was more than surprised to learn he was the winner of the challenge.

It had been offered by Larry Offner, a Louisiana-based fly fishing enthusiast who hosts a website "Warm Water Fly Fishing.'' His prizes include a collection of all the flies submitted to the contest, along with a set of professional ties and the boasting rights of having his pheasant tail nymph displayed on the website.

-- Tom Cherveny