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A short drive during wonderful weather shows spring has sprung

Cabin fever hit me late last week and I couldn't wait to get out of the house.

Since I'm in charge with putting together the Outdoors section for the West Central Tribune every week, I had a great excuse to take a drive around Spicer and Willmar Wednesday to see how far spring has sprung.

I wasn't surprised to see that not too many people were out tossing a line into area waters Wednesday. Even though the temperatures were passing 60 degrees, the water temperature is still too cold for much of a bite.

No one was around Henderson Lake west of Spicer or Nest Lake or Eagle Lake.

Green Lake in Spicer showed just how new spring is. At Saulsbury Beach, the sand invited activity and the lifeguard stands made it look like kids could be swimming right then and there.

But looking out over the water brought reality back: the lake isn't fully open. Ice reaches out in a ring on the west side and still goes up to the shore on the east side.

The idea was to find people fishing, which proved to be a difficult task. Staff photographer Gary Miller had searched for a couple of days to no avail, and my travels didn't bear any shots, either.

But we both found paydirt in Willmar. One gentleman had his bobber in front of the culvert between Willmar and Foot Lakes, enjoying the sunshine. And two ladies were testing the waters of Willmar Lake at Robbins Island.

Neither had much luck.

But it's still early and there will be more opportunities.