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MN River - Lake Pepin friendship tour chosen as finalist in statewide contest

MONTEVIDEO -- A project designed to foster friendship between "up streamers" from the Minnesota River and "down streamers" from the Lake Pepin area has been chosen as one of three finalists in a statewide contest to promote collaboration across various sectors of Minnesota society.

A video about the Minnesota River Lake Pepin Friendship tour project has been made and posted on-line at the InCommons Collaboration challenge website.

The video that receives the most votes between Nov. 30 -- Dec. 10 will receive a $25,000 grant from the Bush Foundation to fund the continuation of the collaboration. Anyone with an e-mail address can vote and the names of everyone who votes will be entered into a drawing for a free flip video camera.

The Minnesota River Lake Pepin Friendship Tour Project is bringing together Minnesota River farmers and city dwellers from the Twin Cities and Lake Pepin area to foster understanding, common purpose and vision in the effort to address runoff from the Minnesota River that is settling out in Lake Pepin.

The tour idea was conceived by Clean Up the River Environment based in Montevideo. CURE enlisted the support of the Minnesota River Watershed Alliance, the Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance, the Minnesota Ag Water Resources Coalition, the Minnesota River Board and the Cannon River Watershed Partnership to help sponsor and organize the tours which were held in August and September 2010.

Vote at, or contact InCommons at or 612.520.1756 for more information.

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