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Outdoors: Cousins make a shrewd plan, bag trophy bucks

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The slug season opener proved successful for a party of family hunters, as is evident in these submitted photos.

On Saturday evening Max Grabow of Gaylord bagged a 10-point buck and Sunday evening his cousin Gabe Okins of Willmar bagged a 14-point buck. Both deer were taken north of Willmar.

The two cousins had decided to go goose and duck hunting in the mornings and deer hunt only the evenings, while the rest of the party strictly deer hunted. Their wise choice proved to be the winning ticket.

Included in the hunting part was their grandfather, Carl Grabow of Morgan, parent Shaun Grabow of Morgan and cousin Natalie Hoffbeck of Morgan. Natelies, age 13, also had an exciting season as she bagged her first deer, a button buck taken near Morgan.