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Prep Tennis: Breck stops Litchfield in Section 5A semifinals, 7-0

GOLDEN VALLEY -- A three-match win streak didn't mean much as the Litchfield Dragons tackled state power Breck on Monday in the Section 5A semifinals.

The Mustangs didn't lose a set on the way to a 7-0 win.

The loss ended the Dragons team season with a 5-9 record.

Breck, the No. 1 seed, is looking to return to the state tournament after placing third in Class A last year.

Section individual play starts 9 a.m. Thursday at the University of Minnesota courts.

Breck 7, Litchfield 0


(1) Will Oberrender, Bre, def. Mark Hukreide 6-0, 6-1 (2) Miley Tang, Bre, def. Dominic Devine 6-0, 6- (3) Felix Mattke, Bre, def. Zach Hedtke 6-4, 6-4 (4) Cole Harstads, Bre, def Jacob Hughes 6-2, 6-1


(1) Andrew Engel-Dan Carpenter, Bre, def. Aaron Carlson-Zach Fredman 6-0,6-0 (2) Brenham Wong-Grant Bemis, Bre, def. Nate Adams-Brennan Rosenow 6-4, 6-2 (3) Trotter Oberrender-Max Berman, Lit, def. Sam Zender-Will Heidgerken 6-0, 6-0