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Lindsay Perkins of Dawson wins week 4 of H.S. Football Pigskin Picks on

Lindsay Perkins of Dawson is the first-place winner in the fourth week of the High School Football Pigskin Picks contest on

Perkins picked 12 of 16 winners and won the tiebreaker in week 4 of the season on Sept. 25. She won a $25 Gift Card from contest sponsor Slumberland Furniture of Willmar.

The other top five finishers of the week were:

2nd: T. Wengler of Appleton with 12 of 16 and finishing second on the tiebreaker.

3rd: Sarah Blom of Atwater with 12 of 16 and finishing third on the tiebreaker.

4th: Gary Kaiser of Lake Lillian with 12 of 16 and finishing fourth on the tiebreaker.

5th: Brad Junkermeier of Willmar with 12 of 16 and finishing fifth on the tiebreaker.

In the VIP High School Football Pigskin Pickem category, Jesse Fuchs was the weekly winner picking 12 of 16. Rand Middleton, TJ Bartelt and Scott Thoma tied for VIP second place with 11 of 16 winning picks.

The VIP leader overall through the fourth week is Middleton with 48 winning picks. Thoma is second overall with 44 winning picks.