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RU Game: Celebrating with the head Geezer

Chairman of the Geezer Golf League: Harold Westhoff celebrated his 95th birthday on Friday morning during the men’s 9 a.m. coffee stop at the Cornerstone in the Skylark Mall in Willmar. Harold started the traveling Wednesday league for super-seniors about 25 years ago, traveling as far afield as Ortonville and the Sauk Rapids area. Among the league regulars on hand were Hans Dahl, Ray Hyser, Pat Maiers and Jim Lohr. Harold began caddying at age 15 and golfed until this year when even short walks proved too painful due to poor circulation in his lower legs. He and Ardy, his wife of 65 years, moved to Willmar in 1956. Harold was low handicap shooting scores that matched his age in his late 70s and into his 80s. “I’ve had a lot of surgeries but life’s been good me.”

Tribune photo by Rand Middleton