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Video: Ex-Viking Kapp exchanges blows at CFL event

Former Viking quarterback Joe Kapp got into a fight during a Canadian Football League alumni luncheon over the weekend.

Kapp, also a former B.C. Lions quarterback, and 74-year-old ex-Hamilton TigerCat defensive lineman Angelo Mosca exchanged blows Friday at a CFL alumni luncheon.

The confrontation started after a highlight clip was shown of the 1963 Grey Cup. During the game, Mosca slammed Lions running back Willie Fleming in what was considered a late hit athat knock Fleming out of the game. Hamilton then won the Grey Cup title.

The trouble started Friday when Kapp attempted to give Mosca flowers as an apparent peace offering. Mosca refused the gesture.

Kapp then shoved the flowers in Mosca's face and Mosca swatted them away. Kapp then swatted Mosca with the flowers and Mosca retaliated by swinging his cane at Kapp, apparently striking him in the head.

So Kapp responded with his fists - delivering a right hand to Mosca's jaw, then a left that knocked him down.