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Ridgewater application steps

Ridgewater College officials provided information about admission and registration this week.

- Fill out the application, this can be done online, and provide the college with high school transcripts, ACT/SAT scores if taken and transcripts of previous college work.

- An acceptance letter should come one to two weeks later. Ridgewater has open admission: Any high school graduate may apply. Some programs have other requirements.

- All students must take a placement test in reading, writing and math. The test is not graded and not timed. The college uses it to gauge each student's skill levels.

- All students should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online to determine eligibility for financial aid.

- After acceptance, students will be notified of the time and date of the orientation session, at which they will meet with an advisor, learn about the campus and sign up for fall classes.

- Tuition this year is $157.63 per credit. Tuition for the fall is due on Aug. 14. Students who haven't finished the registration and financial aid process by then should be ready to make arrangements for payment at the time of their orientation sessions.

- The Ridgewater Web site,, offers information on classes, scholarships, housing and student activities.