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Human rights boss to attend public forum today at Ridgewater College

WILLMAR -- Minnesota Department of Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey will discuss how the state's changing demographics will affect jobs, education and the economy in the future during a public forum today at Ridgewater College in Willmar.

In addition, he will discuss the impact of the proposed voter photo identification and marriage amendments to Minnesota's Constitution.

The public forum will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Large Outreach Room, on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building.

According to a news release from the commissioner's office, Lindsey will discuss how Minnesota's demographics have shifted dramatically over the past decade, a trend that will accelerate and change the makeup of our workforce.

As predominantly white workers of the "baby boom" generation retire in increasing numbers, the share of people of color in the workforce is expected to more than double, the release states.

The commissioner will explain Gov. Mark Dayton's initiatives in education and discuss the efforts of the Department of Human Rights, working in collaboration with other organizations, to ensure that all Minnesotans have a chance to compete for job opportunities as our economy regains strength.

Lindsey will also provide an overview of the Department of Human Rights' role in ending discrimination in Minnesota and will analyze the arguments regarding the two constitutional amendments on the ballot this fall, and will explain why the Department of Human Rights opposes the amendments.

A public comment session will follow the presentation.