If they didn’t know what a sambusa is or where people eat yucca instead of potatoes, some Willmar residents learned Tuesday walking the corridor.

“Walk the Corridor” organizers took city leaders and business people to four ethnically-owned businesses in the city’s downtown: Somali Star Restaurant, Mubarak Food, La Estrella Bakery and La Fiesta Grocery Store.

The Willmar Area Multicultural Business Center, the Kandiyohi County and City of Willmar Economic Development Commission and the Willmar Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the walking tour. It was followed by a social hour that featured some of the food and beverages sold at the businesses the participants visited.

“Just walking into these businesses is good for us and for them,” Roberto Valdez Jr. of the business center told the group before they embarked on their walk.

The businesses serve niche markets Valdez said, adding that the business center has served many of the new businesses as consultants.

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