The Farm Resource Guide for 2021 is now available at many University of Minnesota Extension county offices across the state. The guide includes a wide variety of useful farm business management information including the following items:

  • Custom rates: What to charge for planting etc.

  • Average farmland rental rates by county: From two sources with projections for 2021.

  • Flexible Rental Agreements: Examples of how they work and how they have worked in past.

  • Lease forms for Cash Rent and Share Rent arrangements: Which you can fill in the blanks.

  • Farmland sales information for all counties in Minnesota: Lists current average ag sales.

  • Information on charges for custom feeding, commodity storage, leasing buildings and various bin rental rates: List various costs like leasing a dairy barn and machine storage.

  • Current information on pasture rental rates, tree timber values: List pasture rates and timber sales.

  • Marketing information along with recent cost trends for Minnesota: Many charts are included.

  • Commodity price probabilities for corn, soybeans, alfalfa hay, straw, grass hay, hogs and cattle: Puts odds to getting break even prices and tables show historic patterns.

  • Corn and soybean yields by county: USDA county yields used for calculating the farm bill payments

  • Feedlot Rule Highlights: Information on Manure Agreement and Easements

  • Manure Spreading Lease examples and Land Application Agreement: Forms included.

It is available for a fee plus sales tax and postage, if mailed. Order from Dave Bau, Extension Educator, by e-mail at or phone, 507-372-3900 ext. 3906 and specify format. E-mail are $25; CD are $29; print copy are $31.

For more farm business information, please see the University of Minnesota Extension website:

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