C.S. Hagen

“We’re not recruiting enough teachers and we’re not retaining them. Since the pandemic began, I think we do have a legitimate teacher shortage,” said the leader of North Dakota's statewide teachers union.
'She had grown weary of the knowledge of her reality, knowing this country and this world would never stop trying to force her to submit to its ignorance, and her family rages for her,' her obituary stated.
How a rural county’s school bond referendum is splitting communities after the hiring of an out-of-state consultant bent on destroying government education.
“We fight about vaccinations. We fight about masks. This is about softballs,” Mark Raymond's father said.
The Asatru Folk Assembly or AFA, an officially recognized religion in Iceland, is listed as the only hate group with members in North Dakota by the Southern Poverty Law Center, a law firm that tracks extremism. The center tracked 11 hate groups in Minnesota, including the AFA, with a church in Murdock, Minnesota.
A zookeeper’s life is more than animal care: They’re ensuring the survival of endangered species through controlled breeding and hoping to educate the public about the importance of preserving ecosystems
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging continued mask usage in schools for those who aren’t fully vaccinated and social distancing of at least 3 feet.
The ND Rent Help program is poised to help up to 20,000 households behind on rent.
The farmers argue that a federal loan forgiveness program violates their constitutional rights by providing aid specifically for people from historically disadvantaged groups.
Clay County District Judge Tammy Merkins set Garrett Grommesh's sentencing for 9:15 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 7.