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Chuck Frederick

In Duluth and at the News Tribune for more than 30 years, Chuck has covered neighborhoods, City Hall, the County Board, and more. He traveled with the 148th Fighter Wing; rode an ore carrier from Two Harbors to Gary, Indiana, and back for a series of reports; and his reporting was credited for saving the life of a toddler in Superior in need of a transplant. Now the News Tribune's Editorial Page Editor, he has won numerous statewide and national writing and journalism awards. He also is the author of three books and was featured in the 1994 Disney movie, "Iron Will." He lives with his family in Lincoln Park.

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You don't have to be a newspaper reporter, whistle-blower or even someone important to request to see data that’s public.
Feeling pretty strongly about the latest hot topic buzzing the community? Before you fire off that letter to the editor, there are a few things that can be considered.
Few new issues have presented a bigger challenge to traditional notions of what free speech means than the rise of the internet and Big Tech. Internet and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Amazon have become the primary means by which much of the public conversation in this country is conducted.
It’s important to understand that the Founders’ main goal in giving constitutional protection to freedom of speech was not simply to encourage citizens to speak their minds, but to create an effective check on the power of the federal government.
From the editorial: Petition to ban the so-called tomahawk chop "is the latest in mounting public pressure against team names and logos that are inappropriate — and that always were, even if many of us chose to look the other way. "
From the editorial: "The vaccine is safe and effective. ... Our medical professionals and health experts ... can be trusted on that. They’ve earned the trust. They have no reason to mislead."
From the editorial: "DFLers and Minnesota Republicans alike share the challenge."
Summary: "While both parties can accept responsibility for the partisan thuggery that increasingly is failing Minnesotans and all Americans, it’s the unwillingness of Republicans right now to acknowledge (the) election ... that is pushing our nation to the brink."
From the editorial: "Journalists are the public's eyes and ears on the truth. Violent, intimidating, arresting, and other attempts to keep them from that important work demand to be condemned."
Two-thirds of nursing homes say in survey they won't make it another year