Dig it! Gardens showcased on Meeker County tour


DASSEL — Gardens of all shapes and sizes were manicured to perfection Tuesday for the Meeker County Master Gardeners Garden Tour. Six gardens in the Dassel area were on display. From vegetables to flowers to trees, each garden had its own atmosphere thanks to the gardeners' creativity and property space.

Gardener Jewel Christianson, whose garden was one of the six places to view, said that it is fun to participate in events like this. Christianson's garden has both flowers and vegetables, but she said flowers are her favorite.

"I love being able to enjoy my garden with others," Christianson said. "I really like planting flowers and tending to the garden, but it's been getting harder as I get older."

Viewers from around the region came to see the gardening expertise. Diana Korpela, one of the tour participants, said she had never seen many of the species of flowers before.

"The way things are laid out and the types of flowers planted are so interesting. I've never seen most of them before," Korpela said about Christianson's garden.

The tour was organized with the help of the University of Minnesota Extension office. A meal was provided at the Dassel Historical Society before participants could head over to view the gardens. Proceeds from the tour will be divided between the Toucan Do Better Relay For Life team and the Flowers of Mercy. Meal proceeds go toward the Discover Dassel Planter Project.