Paid political letter: Ellison or Schultz for AG?

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In a recent debate between Attorney General Keith Ellison and his opponent Jim Schultz, Schultz told Minnesotans that the Attorney General shouldn’t be suing corporate megafarms that are fleecing consumers by gouging prices. This referred to Ellison’s suit against Sparboe Farms, one of the nation’s largest factory farm egg producers.

Look at the facts. In 2021, Attorney General Ellison’s office sued Sparboe Farms for price-gouging because of the extreme price increases on eggs that Sparboe put into effect during the height of the pandemic – roughly a 200% increase. Sparboe profited to the tune of $2.1 million from the gouging, which came out of the pockets of Minnesota wholesalers and consumers.

Mr. Ellison and team were successful, winning a settlement that made Sparboe provide more than 1 million eggs directly to food pantries across the state. As Mr. Ellison said to Mr. Schultz in the debate, “I am fighting corporate price-gouging and getting food to low-income Minnesotans and you’re here attacking me for it!”

This exchange shows the key difference between Mr. Ellison, who has demonstrated he will fight for everyday Minnesotans against corporate abuse, and Mr. Schultz, who would ignore corporate wrong-doing, giving the marble-halled crooks a pass.

Attorney General Ellison has been a leader in demanding accountability of big corporations that control so much of our economy—the consolidated Ag giants, and the oil and drug corps. Among other gains is Mr. Ellison’s forcing $450 million being paid to our Minnesota state and counties by the opioid industry for their part in our USA’s opioid crisis.

It’s no surprise that Schultz criticizes Ellison. Schultz’s entire lawyer career has been advocating for and protecting wealthy investors and corporations. We want to let him keep doing that, only this time as our paid Minnesota’s Attorney General?

Minnesota needs a lawyer for the people as Attorney General, not a lawyer for the corporations. That’s why I’ll be voting for Keith Ellison on November 8th.

Brian Wojtalewicz
Appleton, Minn.