This letter is paid content. Dear Editor,

I don’t want America to become a socialist country. I don’t want American cities to be burned down and lawless. I don’t want to be told, as a healthy person, that I have to wear a mask and that I cannot go visit my elderly friend in the Nursing Home. I especially don’t want to be told I cannot worship my God (already happening in California). Yet here we are. And how did we get here?

Here are a few tidbits:

-Democrats, like Joe Biden and Crazy Bernie, want full-on socialism. Trump said, “We will never be a socialist country.”

-Democrat Gov. Walz waited four days while our cities burned. Trump called him daily to asking if he could send in the National Guard.

-Minnesota Democrats and liberal leadership call for defunding the police and justify lawlessness. Trump and Republicans are standing with law enforcement and earning their endorsements.

-Democrat Walz decreed state-wide mask requirement and Democrat Presidential Nominee, Biden had called for a national mask mandate. Trump said he wants people to have the freedom to decide and that he believes that a President does not have that authority.

Democrat leadership on all levels have failed us miserably and the only remedy I can think of is defeat them at the ballot box. I am going to vote ALL RED this year and encourage you to do the same. Re-elect Donald Trump, and vote Jason Lewis for US Senate, Michelle Fischbach for US Rep, and vote every Republican down-ticket. A vote for a democrat is a vote for socialism, lawlessness, and fear.

Gary Swenson, 

Spicer, MN