Unfit for Office

This letter is paid content. Commissioner Steve Ahmann is unfit to hold office. With local elections right around the corner, I decided it was important to break my silence regarding an incident that took place last winter.

In December of 2019, Mr. Ahmann both physically and verbally intimidated me while attending a City Council meeting, acts that should disqualify him from holding public office.

On the night of December 16, 2019, I attended a city council meeting where Mr. Ahmann’s partner verbally applied for a seat on the Willmar Human Rights Commission. During the open forum, I spoke out against the applicant, expressing my concerns with her affiliations and intent, which is my right as a concerned citizen. And then the following interaction occurred.

All items in quotes below are directly from a police incident report completed by Willmar’s Police Chief.

After speaking in opposition of the application “County Commissioner, Steve Ahmann, came into the back entrance of the commission chambers. Steve was red faced, set jaw, hands clenched and approached Ben Larson in an aggressive manner.”

“Steve continued to press forward into Larson’s personal space and had his face about 1 foot from Larson’s while speaking loudly and forcefully. Steve began to point at Larson’s face and chest with his left index finger in an aggressive manner. Larson continued to stand in one place with his arms down and only responded verbally”.

“Steve then took his left index finger and forcefully poked it into Larson’s chest two times stating loudly, “You’re a piece of sh*t.”

While a restraining order against the Commissioner was eventually rejected because Mr. Ahmann did not commit great bodily harm to me and because it was a one-time occurrence, a local politician that carries himself in such a manner should not hold public office.

District 2 can and must do better. In just a few weeks’ time, we have the power to decide how we want to be represented. If you’re anything like me, then the chances are that you’d prefer to be represented by someone that doesn’t resort to swearing or verbal and physical intimidation when in disagreement.