House 20B voters have a choice between DFL incumbent Lyle Koenen of Maynard and GOP challenger Scott Van Binsbergen of Montevideo. This is a choice between legislative experience and business-public affairs experience.

Koenen is a quiet farmer who likes to work behind the scenes to accomplish things. While he has supported rural energy efforts and has concerns about cuts in local government aid and K-12 funding, he is not an outgoing legislator.

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Van Binsbergen is a successful businessman with a decade-old company now employing more than 140 people. He has public affairs experience from working for U.S. Rep. Vin Weber and Sen. Rudy Boschwitz. He also ran in 1994 for a Minnesota House seat, losing to Doug Peterson.

A candidate who turns 36 on Election Day, Van Binsbergen has the energy and leadership necessary to be an outgoing, dynamic representative for his district. His business experience will be beneficial in helping meet the economic needs of this district. He would bring needed change to this district's representation.

The West Central Tribune endorses the election of Van Binsbergen in House 20B.