What is it that congressional lawmakers don't get on the economy?

The economy is in the tank, but it is OK for members of Congress to take a raise. It must be Washington economics.

Members of Congress just got a 3 percent or $5,000 raise in January and the majority accepted it.

Now the No. 2 Democrat in the House said Washington lawmakers are going to have to give up their automatic raise in 2010. It would be "inappropriate," said Maryland Democrat Steny Hoyer, for Congress to accept its 2010 raise when the economy is in bad shape and people are losing their jobs.

Well, Mr. Hoyer, what about the 2009 raise last month?

We think is not only inappropriate but almost immoral for Congress to have accepted a 3 percent pay increase last month, which raised members' salaries to $174,000.

The congressional pay raise in January added an additional $2.5 million to the budget.

Minnesota Congressman Tim Walz has returned his pay increase every year since he was elected in 2006. Now that is true leadership -- Walz is walking the talk.

We call on Congress to not attempt to fool Americans by rejecting the 2010 increase; when they just accepted the 2009 increase in the midst of a failing economy, crashing markets and a banking slowdown.

The House should repeal their 2009 salary increase and do it now.