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Letter: A candidate with integrity

Evil persists when good people do nothing.

The health care bill is an evil that could bankrupt our country. The latest polls indicate that 60 percent of Americans would like to see that bill repealed. If you are one of those good people, I hope you will vote for Lee Byberg for Congress, since Collin Peterson says we need to support that evil bill and not repeal it.

While Collin Peterson continues to vote for Nancy Pelosi and 93 percent of the time with her liberal agenda, Lee Byberg sees the evil repercussions in these tax-and-spend policies for our country. He fears the loss of the American Dream, if deficit spending continues. Lee has been a successful businessman for many years and is presently in a farm-related business so that he knows farmers and their needs and knows that cap and trade, which Collin Peterson voted for, would absolutely destroy the sugar beet and corn ethanol industries. He also knows that this tax would add $1,500 to the average American family's energy cost each year, a cost he knows we can't afford.

Collin Peterson gives in to the status quo of the tax-and-spend Democratic values, even though he likes to portray himself as a conservative "Blue Dog" Democrat. For example, just days after pledging he would not support another bailout, Collin Peterson flew to Washington and followed Nancy Pelosi's orders by voting to use our tax dollars to fund a $26 billion bailout. Is that the kind of integrity and leadership you want representing us in Congress? If not, vote for Lee Byberg, a proven leader with integrity and the will to fight for our prized freedoms.

Evelyn A. Guggisberg