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Letter: Don't let cheaters vote

In response to those who would tolerate voter fraud, I'd say -- I don't want my vote diluted by cheaters.

The statement was made that there is only .009 percent voter fraud in Minnesota. Misleading statements like that are on the edge of fraudulent in themselves. First it assumes that all fraud has been caught, which is naive at best. Just the existence of any voter fraud proves we need to strengthen our efforts to protect everyone's vote from dilution or outright cancelation. It's like the tip of an iceberg.

How big is the problem -- we may never know, but why would there be any fraud if they weren't intent on winning? Can anyone prove that an election hasn't already been won through fraud?

In 2006 there was an effort called the Secretary of State Project. It was organized and financed by "One World" advocate George Soros. He calculated that the office of the SOS was one over looked in the past. Comparatively speaking there was less money spent on SOS campaigns and thus "investing" in the SOS Project would have a bigger payoff. The intent was not to strengthen voter integrity through reforms but rather win elections to ensure the SOS office promoted progressive, liberal results. Minnesota was one state targeted and he was successful at getting Mark Ritchie elected SOS in 2006. The rest is history -- the recount handed the election to Sen. Franken.

What does this have to do with voter ID? Nothing except to point out the fact that there are those that are organized and capable of massive attempts on our elections. My bank has never had a robbery -- but should they leave the building and safe unlocked? Any representative that doesn't vote for voter ID is voting for voter fraud and is the problem, not the solution. Hats off to Sen. Gimse and all the Republicans for promoting fair elections and preserving our rights.

Gregg Kulberg