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Letter: Frittering away tax dollars

So, Rep. Juhnke, if I understand this right, we only vote no on the bonding bill if it doesn't include the pork that we want? What about all of the pork that the metro would get if we vote yes on the bonding bill, only because it includes our pork?

What about the $21 million to the Minnesota Zoological Garden, $950,000 for the Blaine Hockey Center, $16 million for the Minneapolis Orchestra Hall renovation, $16 million for Ordway, $10.5 million to the Met Council, $11 million to the Como Zoo, and the list goes on and on, mostly for metro projects! So go ahead and vote yes if your project is in the bill, but if it's not, throw a fit?

I think it's long past time to stop funding "artsy" projects and metro amateur sports facilities with taxpayer money. If the demand is there, the consumers and supporters of these organizations need to learn some fund-raising techniques, and stop expecting government handouts. This bonding bill has turned into "what's in it for me and my district so I can get re-elected," instead of funding what's truly important. We need to elect people who understand that the money the Legislature is playing with is our money, and respects the opinions of the citizens they represent.

Juhnke himself has said that he wants to stay in the Legislature "as long as I'm having fun." Well, Rep. Juhnke, have you had enough fun spending taxpayer money yet? We need to focus on cutting government spending and living within our means, which seems hard for a lot of organizations, especially state-funded organizations, to understand. And as for the jobs that would be "created" by funding some of these projects, most of them would be state or federal union jobs, which the taxpayer pays for because we pay their wages.

Candidates like Bruce Vogel and Rep. Marty Seifert understand that private-sector jobs and tax cuts are what stimulate the local and state economy, and keep jobs here in Minnesota. Unfortunately, our current representative seems to have a hard time understanding that logic.

Alysia Heidecker


Note: Alysia Heidecker is a board member and secretary of the Kandiyohi County Republican Party.